I finally registered for an account after just browsing for a while. I am somewhat of a Bourbon prodigal (long story for another day) but have gained a new appreciation for the good brown stuff. My favorite at the moment is the 6th Generation Parker's Heritage which to me tastes a little like a GTS-lite. GTS is the ultimate in my book but I have yet to find my own bottle that isn't ridiculously priced. I did over-pay a little for a WLW BTAC which is great and have some JPS18 that is fantastic as well.

Anyway, I have a question for y'all. I only have access to 2 forums after registering but know their are other forums around here like the collectibles and special bottlings forums. I would really like to probe the local knowledge in these forums and would also like to learn more about how the different components and processes in distillation produce the different flavor components in my favorite Bourbons.

Thanks for having me, I look forward to picking some brains and someday adding to the conversation myself