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    Hi from Zurich, Switzerland

    Hi guys

    I've been guest-reading this forum for the last couple of weeks and had a hard time waiting for my ISP-email-account to be set up. I got my account info yesterday and now I'm finally able to fully participate

    Around a year ago I started developing serious interest towards cocktail mixing / bartending. I didn't take too long for me to get sucked into the bourbon world (which happened a couple of months ago). I've got love for all whiskey/whisky, but for the time being american whiskey is my passion.

    My favourites so far are: Van Winkle 10yo 107 proof, Noahs Mill, Bookers, Blanton's Gold Edition Single Barrel, Knob Creek, Eagle Rare 10yo, Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Elijah Craig 12yo, Maker's Mark and Buffalo Trace (the ladder to are the cheapest around may way, unfortunately we only get the 80 proof BT here...).

    I like my bourbons straight. If I happen to drink em on the rocks, it's gonna be in form of an Old Fashioned. Noahs Mill and Bookers make for a heavenly Old Fashioned let me tell ya. BT fits greatly in a Mint Julep imo.

    I'm looking forward to learn more about my favourite drink on this forum and also expect to get jealous from time to time when I realize how cheaper this stuff is on your side of the pond...

    Uhhmmmm... yeah, I already have my first SB-blend marrying in my treasure chamber (60/40 OWA107/OW12). Looking forward to that.

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