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Thread: Barrel Char?

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    Re: Barrel Char?

    I just tried shooting a pic of it with my camera phone but it came out way too crappy to see the texture or anything. And the bag is so wet I dont want to open it until I am ready to use it. I've been keeping it in 2 ziploc bags for now haha. Anyways, it basically looks like very small pieces of burnt/blackened wood. Small chips, say 1/4" by 1/4", blackened.

    I'm sure when I go to use it it wont work well anyways, this city boy only has a natural gas grill... I figure maybe if I wrap some in foil, heavy on the bottom, and poke some holes in the top then place it on top of the lava rocks it'll somke a bit to infuse the food? Hell, I have no idea haha.
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