I joined this site a few weeks ago and have been enjoying all the information on this site! Some really great posts from some knowledgeable people.

Most of my drinking enjoyment has been in the beer category with virtually no hard liquors. My brother introduced me to Scotch and I thought I could enjoy that, but a coworker saved me from going that direction and put me into the wide flavors of bourbon. I've only been imbibing for a little over a month and am wondering how I missed out all these years!

Of the small group of bourbons I've tried, Elijah Craig 12 Year is one I always enjoy with my favorite being Wild Turkey Rare Breed. I have to be in the right mood to enjoy the bird though. I find it a bit challenging at times. I prefer to drink my bourbon neat, but an ice cube has saved the evening on those days when it just doesn't hit right.

Again, thanks for all the great posts.