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    At Buffalo Trace today

    I traveled to Buffalo Trace today along with Eric to help select a private barrel of Buffalo Trace bourbon for Eric's store. When we arrived at BT, the atmosphere was somber in respect to Elmer T. Lee, but also very busy. Lots of visitors, and lots of distilling and bottling activity going on. We met with the new Kentucky sales director, Bill Nolan, who guided us through the barrel selection process. Afterwards we had lunch on premise and happened to meet and talk for a few minutes with Harlen Wheatley. Also got to talk to Kris Comstock for a few minutes as well. The youth of the folks running the place is impressive. After lunch, a private tour guided by a nice fellow called "J.W.". It was awfully hot out walking around, and, in most of the buildings. Distilling is still going on as BT tries to deal with demand. All in all, we had a good time. Enjoyed our visit and meeting with everyone there, and hopefully selected a good barrel. A few photos:
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