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    Re: Four Roses OESO vs OBSV?

    I have only tried the regular single barrel. When I looked at mashbills and yeasts, it is the one that I thought matched my tastes. And it did! Of course, I have nothing else in the Four Roses line to compare it to, except for the SmB. I think that 100 proof works just fine for me. I guess one question that I have is how much different would I expect a limited edition or private barrel of the OBSV to be? I just can't imagine it getting much better. However, I can see how, some of the other mashbills and yeasts would be of interest and the only way to know if I like them equal or better to OBSV would be to try them.

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    Four Roses OESO vs OBSV?

    Quote Originally Posted by darylld911 View Post
    Great point, Aaron. If I were ever to get a chance to select a private barrel, I'd want to do it blindly (not knowing the recipe or age) and just pick what tastes the best.
    I think you'd get your wish. On barrel proof tastings they give you one of each recipe to select from so I wouldn't imagine that you'd want to have a cheat sheet. Just line em up and pick it out.
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    Re: Four Roses OESO vs OBSV?

    Can't speak to the OESO but I did taste and purchase a OBSO gift shop release. I haven't opened my bottle yet but the taste I had at the distillery followed the 4R website description for OESO more so than their description of the OBSO IMO. In other words I tasted a lot of fruit which I really enjoyed and wasn't leaving without a bottle. Same yeast, different mashbill but I still got plenty of fruit even with the higher rye "B". So it would seem that the "O" is fruit forward in both mashbill expressions. I think the other giftshop specific choice might even have been OESO, I should have just bought both. I certainly am a fan of standard OBSV but all these other recipes are really intriguing and I too would love to tour them all at some point, so far 2 down, 8 to go!!



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