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    Re: Rogue Dead Guy whiskey

    +1 on being at the bottom of my list. Nice effort by some guys that make a fantastic brew, however after my original taste I think I will pass on the bottle.

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    Re: Rogue Dead Guy whiskey

    Quote Originally Posted by BigRich View Post
    I hope it's better than when it first rolled out. The initial bottle that Rogue sent me a few years back was kind of awful.
    The Rogue Single Malt Whiskey was decent though.
    Bourbon only requires a glass.

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    Re: Rogue Dead Guy whiskey

    Picked up a Rogue Dead Guy Ale to try with the whiskey (which I haven't quite got around to trying, figured it should be a "shared" experience). Plan to finally give it a go at the next convenient opportunity I have to share with friends!
    That yella whiskey runnin' down my throat like honey dew vine water and I took another slash…

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