On the" what are you drinking today" thread a mention was made of licorice as one of the flavors detected in that days pour. I happened to be in the midst of exploring WT 101 and RB, when I read that it got me wondering which brands this is most prominent in and what might be the source of it. I replied about my WT impressions but it occurred to me that this might be better served in its own thread.

Here is the text copied from the other thread:Opened my first bottle of EW1783. My newbie palate tastes licorice?
First time I detected licorice was FRSB, I had to have pours on different nights to confirm what I thought I was tasting, but that was it and I like that about the SB. I have recently (today) A/B'd WT101 and WT RB for the second time, both of which I really like as they are different but similar, one of the common denominators is that licorice taste. To be clear I am talking black licorice which I loved as a kid so its really cool how certain bourbons are bringing back childhood memories, who woulda thought? The licorice I get in WT is more prominent than the hint I get in FR so I would say yes that's what you are tasting.

My question now is why? Is this the yeast? Does WT use a yeast that gives off a licorice taste and is FR using something similar in one of their 10 recipes that results in a similar flavor? I have only tasted what you describe in the three I mentioned and not in anything else, I am nowhere close to having an encyclopedic tasting history but its broad enough that I wonder about the yeast.