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    Tom's Foolery Rye

    Made a trip to Binny's in Skokie and finally picked up a bottle of what I've been affectionately calling "Foolerye". The barrelhead for this single-barrel bottling on the Tom's Foolery website says the mashbill is 60% unmalted rye and 40% malted rye. It was aged around 2 years and 9 months.

    I like it. It's young, but it's nice. As with Dad's Hat (which is also young, and also bottled at 90 proof), there is every reason to believe that once they have enough on hand to do a BIB expression, it will be spectacular. It's a little higher in price than Tom's bourbon ($50, as opposed to $40), but rye itself is more expensive, and that's the only grain in this one.
    Michael Shoshani - Old No. 8 on the Straightbourbon.com forums

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    Re: Tom's Foolery Rye

    I was recently gifted a bottle of the 1st batch rye. I like it quite a bit, but the youth shows through. I really like what Tom is doing, and like Michael, I look forward to a mature product in the future
    Wait for it



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