Never too early to start wild speculation about a new product is it?

Bringing this over from the Rock & Rye thread.

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Interesting rumor

Our founder, Robert Cooper, has been a serious rye whiskey enthusiast for a long time - far before rye came back into vogue. Several years ago, we did acquire a healthy stock of straight rye whiskies from multiple sources. Included in this acquisition was an amazing discovery of aged, perfectly matured straight rye. No hyperbole here - we tasted it with some of the most notable folks in the whiskey world, and they tell us it's the best straight rye they've ever had.

One inaccuracy in the rumor is the age of the whiskey. We are not using the same liquid as Whistlepig or Jefferson, but in fact an older and rarer stock. This Fall, we will be releasing a limited expression of this whiskey - a 13 year straight rye, truly robust and complex. I will share more info here as soon as I'm able. We're very excited to see how this community enjoys it!
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Now a 13 yr old straight rye is something I could get behind and buy. Waiting to hear more details.
I too would be interested in trying this. But I thought the WP 11yo 111 was a big reach at $100+ plus so I haven't bought it. I hope this new rye has a decent proof but a more approachable price point as well.

With Jefferson apparently switching to MGPI sourced whiskey I will likely not be as interested in it at the current price point especially considering Willett is already doing cask strength MGPI rye at a pretty decent price. I would likely drink through my Canadian sourced 94pf Jefferson rye at a very reasonable price and even the regular WP 100pf at $60ish before I am forced to consider an alternative.

Heck, I haven't paid $80 for VWFRR (when I could find it of course which isn't very often) and that is one I might be willing to pay $100 for!