In anticipation of my parent's trip down to Georgia this weekend, I staged an experimental tasting to try to understand the impact of time on mingles. I had heard different things in the past ("You need to give them at least a week, maybe two, in order to fully mingle/marry"), and don't dispute the experiences of others. But recognize that my palate may be insufficient to tell the full difference - so if I can save time, yay me!

I measured out as precisely as I could 1 oz of Larceny and 1 oz of OWA 107, mingled in an empty 375 mL (plenty of air) and closed with a Vacu-Vin top (so a loose seal doesn't impact the process). I did this two weeks ago, one week ago, yesterday afternoon, and then 30 minutes prior to our tasting. We did a blind tasting of the four samples, trying to see if we could distinguish which was the youngest, and which the oldest. Some were very close to call.

The mingle that was only 30 minutes old (when we started the tasting that is) we both had pegged as being either the 30 min or the 1 day; it seemed to have more alcohol on the nose, and maybe not quite as "nice" as the others (although on the palate, the differences might have been mainly in our imagination).

The mingle that was 1 day old . . . we BOTH thought was the best, and thought was the 2 week old for that reason. The nose on it was the most full and well rounded.

The mingle that was 1 week old we had both picked as such (by luck I think). The mingle that was actually 2 weeks old is one that we both had pegged as being either the 30 min or the 1 day (as it also seemed to have more alcohol on the nose than the other two).

To summarize, the two we thought were the youngest included the youngest AND the oldest. The one we liked best was only married/mingled for one day.

My take away? If I want to experiment with a mingling - waiting more than a day isn't necessary (although waiting just 30 min seemed to be too little). YMMV, and even the components may make a big difference.

Side note - after this tasting, we did a side by side of the 50/50 OWA/Larcency to my 60 OWA/40 W12. The nose on the OWA/W12 blend was superior, but the palates were both very nice - albeit different. The W12 has more oak and complexity than the Larceny blend, but the Larceny blend was a bit more crisp and bright. May try a 60/40 with OWA/Larceny to see how it compares. Most importantly - we had a lot of fun! Cheers!