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    Re: Vinturi spirits aerator?

    +1 on it being not good or bad, but different. I got it as a xmas gift, and thought it was going to be very "gimicky" but it turned out to make a noticable change in the flavor profile. I can't say that I reach for it everytime I have a pour. More for exerimental fun if anything for me.

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    Re: Vinturi spirits aerator?

    I agree with that. My dad and I thought they sounded super gimmicky, but then he tried a red wine aerator that belonged to a friend and noticed a difference even though he approached it with a skeptical attitude. Then he got one for a Christmas or birthday present, and the rest of us tried it a few times, and we could sometimes notice a difference.

    I notice that Squire hasn't posted in this thread (yet), but I suspect his overall opinion is probably similar to mine: OK, it's an interesting academic exercise, but why should I have to pour my bourbon through an aerator?

    I hate scotch.

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    Re: Vinturi spirits aerator?

    I have tried it myself and I get the very same effects with letting a pour settle and open up on it's own time in a glencairn,if you are in a rush by all means knock yourself out.I have no such experience with anything other than with bourbon,rye or scotch so with wine it may be the miracle product of the century I couldn't tell you.
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    Re: Vinturi spirits aerator?

    I agree with Pete, basically what we're doing is allowing the whisky some time to interact with oxygen. The same thing can be accomplished by letting the whisky sit in the glass for awhile, or, if you're in a hurry and the guests are waiting, just decant it into another container.

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    Re: Vinturi spirits aerator?

    I disagree with the comments that an aerator accomplishes the same effect as pouring a glass and letting it sit (or even swirl). On numerous occasions I have taken an ounce-ish of whiskey from a pour that had sat for hours and ran it through the Venturi. It immediately changes. Not always for the better, but still an effect.

    I don't use an aerator as a rule, but any time I'm looking for something different from whatever I pour, I don't hesitate to use it. I don't have hours to wait to drink my whiskey!!



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