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    Re: Store shelf space

    TPS recently opened their new addition (an additional 24,000 sq feet!). Bourbon section is now much bigger than before (so far it seems to be primarily more facings per brand). Their tasting bar is expected to open in a few weeks ---- 75 craft beers and 400 spirits available to sample.
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    Re: Store shelf space

    In my area (Downriver from Detroit), as a general rule Bourbons will max out at around 3-5% of face space. There are a few stores that may exceed that by a bit, but many that don't even get to 3% (without doing an actual count). ... And like most outlets Vodka dominates followed by Rum, Scotch and Tequila, in no particular order.

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    Re: Store shelf space

    Here in Virginia we are a control state, but still have a pretty decent selection of bourbon. Vodka takes up a depressing amount of shelf space for sure, but bourbon and whiskey in general is well represented.



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