For my Basic Manhattan:
2-3 oz Rittenhouse Rye (recently using Hudson Manhattan Rye I got as a gift)
1 oz Vermouth (Usually Noilly Pratt, because it's easy for me to find).
Dash of Cherry or Grapefruit bitters
Stirred, then strained into a chilled glass with a cherry, sometimes an orange twist.

Last week, I substituted High West Campfire whiskey for the Rye.

For a sweeter drink, I occasionally make a variation of a recipe from Carnival Cruise lines:
3 oz Bourbon (Makers)
1 oz Vermouth (Dry or sweet, to your liking)
3/4 oz Monin Brown Sugar syrup (very sweet)
Dash or two of the Grapefruit or Chocolate bitters
Stirred, then strained into chilled glass
Flame an orange peel over the glass, then rim, and drop in.