Sorry to keep flooding the Atlanta area, but here I am!

I started by getting really into vintage cocktails and was always gravitating toward rye and bourbon based ones. And of course that led me into Rye and Bourbon. I would't call myself experienced at all, as my interest has only been growing over the past year. Ive found myself leaning towards rye and heavier rye bourbons but have enjoyed some wheaters as well. Lately I have been enjoying Rittenhouse BIB, especially for my cocktails, Maker's 46 and WT101. I try to not get caught up in all the hype, especially surrounding Pappy and BTAC, but the hunt is fun. I got lucky found a bottle of ECBP this week that I am excited to try soon! Look forward to learning more and trying a lot of whisky and have been enjoying the forum for a while! Was also hoping to get some more info on the Georgia Bourbon Society if anyone knows anything.