I know ETL has been BOTM before, but it's been a few years. Besides, I thought it would be kind of a nice way for us to honor and remember Elmer T.

My thoughts.... I really like ETL. One darn good bourbon if you ask me. I taste a few different things when I have a pour of ETL. The last bottle I had, had the usual sweet, nutty caramel flavor, but there was also a very slight hint of cocoa way back in the background. There was also a touch of spice, a la brown sugar/cinnamon.

At the start, the nutty, caramel sweetness is well apparent and inviting. The mid palate starts a gentle warming, and is also where the cocoa flavor became apparent to me. The finish is a continuance of the mid-palate warming, and also where the spice, brown sugar/cinnamon shows itself. Good from start to finish. Nicely balanced too. Like I said before, one darned good bourbon if you ask me. It probably should be added to the list of good value pours.

So let's here what you all have to say. Cheers to you, and cheers to Elmer T.