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    Re: Bourbon Related Gifts

    Since he likes Knob Creek he might think that Knob Creek single barrel (120 proof) is a little more special than the usual Knob Creek straight bourbon at 100 proof. A set of snifters would be really fine too.

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    Re: Bourbon Related Gifts

    I like the suggestions for some nice glassware. Throw in a good private selection of KCSB and you have a great gift for a KC lover. There's usually some KC merch on eBay as well. I would suggest the JB website store, but they only have JB, DC, and Red Gag merch on there for some reason.

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    Bourbon Related Gifts

    You can get a custom label from knobcreek.com, unfortunately only for the standard 100 proofer.

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    Re: Bourbon Related Gifts

    Yeah I already did that! And I'm planning on giving the knob creek with the label. I just need something to go with it. I think I'll look into a set of engraved glasses.

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    Re: Bourbon Related Gifts

    Somehow we all overlooked this part but congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Hope it's a nice one. Let us know the date and we will raise a glass to the new couple. And seriously, if your hubby to be doesn't already know about this site send him on over and we will give you both a proper welcome.
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    Re: Bourbon Related Gifts

    Definitely congratulations on the upcoming wedding! If you don't mind shopping on Ebay, you could always do a search and see what Knob Creek stuff is around.

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    Re: Bourbon Related Gifts

    I would be happy to donate some glencairns old forester prohibition anniversary glasses for the celebration. My treat. Pm me the address and I will ship them to you as a wedding gift.

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    Re: Bourbon Related Gifts

    Search for Jim Beam/Knob Creek barrel head. My boyfriend got two with signatures on it, and loves it!! Tasteofbourbon.com is also a great gift source!



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