Hi all, fairly recent to bourbon, though i have been a fan of EW black with some diet rite for a couple of years, Curiously i got into drinking bourbon neat and on rocks by a friend giving me a dram of macallan 12, i went home and decided to try some of my mixers neat, costco stuff mostly, Bulleit, knob creek, Makers, and of course the EW black. Needless to say my eyes were opened and my craft brew and wine drinking has dropped off significantly in favor of an ever growing bourbon collection!

I have lurked around on this site for a few months and it is an amazing source of information. I also like to look at reviews on bourbonenthusiast, where i have the same handle. I have been building a collection of good bourbon, and recenty diverted through kentucky long enough to fill a mixed case of mostly BIB's and single barrels that I can't find in New Mexico.

I tend to like rye based bourbons, and favor heaven hill products like EW single barrel, and Elijah Craig 12 (had a glass of the 20 on my trip, and really liked it). I am still experimenting, and tend to keep a half dozen open bottles at a mix of price points that i can switch around in.

I wish I had discovered bourbon alot earlier...