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    Canadian Whisky Tasting in Rhode Island

    Not sure if this is considered appropriate or not, but I'm doing a Canadian Whisky tasting and Book event Tues Aug 13th in Providence, RI. It will be hosted by David De Kergommeaux, author of: Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert. Full details are available at the website. If any SB'ers interested are interested in attending, message me and I'll make sure to take care of you. Again apologies if this isn't appropriate but several of the whiskies we'll be tasting aren't commonly found in New England or the US in general, so I thought it might be of interest. Aug 2013 Tasting Flyer.JPG

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    Re: Canadian Whisky Tasting in Rhode Island

    Would love to attend, but just getting back from a two week vacation - if I took off for a whiskey tasting two days later ... um, well, probably wouldn't be the worst decision I've made, but would likely take some time to make up for ... but you do have a nice line-up that is very interesting! Have always wanted to try the Wiser's and the Confederation Oak.

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    Re: Canadian Whisky Tasting in Rhode Island

    Maybe the Bourbon Social would be a better forum but I don't think it matters. Thanks for the heads up, if I were closer I would attend.
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