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    Re: Lead testing in bourbon, step by step

    To summarize what I have found, All 4 decanters tested above the federal limit for lead in drinking water. The figural decanter obviously was much higher than the other style decanters, that is the only one I have so a single sample does not make a trend so I would like to do a few more tests to see if that style is generally higher in lead than the others. The newer decanter was 2x's higher than the older decanters, I find this interesting but again I would need to do more analysis to see if this is a trend. In the future I would also like to test a few older bourbons that were not from decanters to see what contribution the distillery itself makes to lead in the samples. Given the amount of piping and copper work in the distilleries it is a fair assumption to say some lead came from the workings of the distillery itself as lead was used in solder flux just as it was used in the glaze flux for ceramic wear.

    So in total, the figural decanter will be sparingly consumed but I dont' see much of an issue with the other 3 especially given that these decanters usually contain "special" bourbon that really would never be a daily pour.

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    Next project for Michael: write a protocol for the teleporter to beam out the lead content whilst leaving the whiskey unmolested ;-)

    Seriously cool work Michael!
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    Re: Lead testing in bourbon, step by step

    Indeed it was. Very cool and informative experimenting there sir.

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    Re: Lead testing in bourbon, step by step

    His findings are also contrary to what others have said about porcelain vs ceramic (although not conclusive.) In the other lead thread many stated that the porcelain was okay but steer clear of the ceramic decanters.
    I've never tried GTS with any sort of soda. Maybe I'm missing out; but I'm OK with that.

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    Lead testing in bourbon, step by step

    My next step is to do a leach test on the decanters themselves. Every piece of ceramic wear that is to be used in a food contact situation needs to be tested for lead. I will use the same methods to test the decanters.

    What is interesting about the porcelain vs ceramic is that the 2 decanters contained 86 proof Old Fitz Prime. That eliminates a lot of factors and points towards the porcelain being the source of the elevated lead levels

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    Re: Lead testing in bourbon, step by step

    Great work! Thanks for doing this.

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    Re: Lead testing in bourbon, step by step

    Wow - that is awesome work Mike!!! Thanks for not only doing all of that, but sharing it! We're tremendously lucky to not only have someone who knows how to do all that AND has access to the stuff to do it, but also has some dusty decanters laying around
    Gary (aka 'Country')
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    Re: Lead testing in bourbon, step by step

    Very interesting, but I wonder about the solids. What are the detection parameters on your equipment?
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    Re: Lead testing in bourbon, step by step

    Current frontrunner for thread of the year. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

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    Re: Lead testing in bourbon, step by step

    Wow, Mike; I am in complete and total awe of your skills, abilities, and dedication to serve your fellow Boubonitos.
    Besides all that, I must say, as did Gary, how lucky we all are to have you (and the access you have to this equipment) on our side.
    I wish I'd saved a few of my old decanters from the 60's, 70's and 80's. We could refill 'em all with 'something' and let you test how long it takes for lead to leach into the juice.
    I truly look forward to your next experiment Dr. Jekyll.



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