Hey everyone, I have been signed up on the forum for sometime but thought I would finally introduce myself after meeting few members on here in the outside world. (devillighter michaelturtle1 BourbonJoe)
I have been drinking whiskey since (and before) I was legally able to but really took to bourbon. Drinking turned into a hobby about a year and a half ago when I did the bourbon trail and got really pumped up on the community and the history of bourbon and the distilleries. I have a nice collection going but I believe in sharing and drinking what I can so anytime you are in the area send a message and maybe we can have a drink together. I work in film and video so have a ton of bottle porn if anyone is interested....

I enjoy barrel proof bourbons but really any bourbon you can sit with and not get bored by is fine by me. Hopefully I will be able to contribute some photos, reviews or info.