New distillery opened up recently in Marion, Virginia producing corn whiskey, Appalachian Mountain Spirits Distillery. They make corn whiskey, white Virginia Sweetwater and slightly aged(?) War Horn Whiskey. They are a little pricey ($25 and $33) for straight corn, but seems like the “moonshine” products are getting good sales in spite of too high price for the product. I bought the sweetwater and expected to be disappointed but maybe in a better mood for corn tonight. It’s a smooth sweet sip, very mellow. Slight lingering pleasant aftertaste.

Took it head to head with Virginia Lightning ($17) from Belmont Farms of Culpeper, Virginia. Belmont is better known for their Kopper Kettle whiskey.

Sweetwater has stronger “moonshine” nose, though Lightning at 100 proof & Sweetwater at 85 proof. Lightning has a bolder, more interesting flavor. Sweetwater is more mellow and definitely sweeter. Sweetwater would be more neutral mixer and probably preferred by generation y (the young folks), especially since it comes in a fancy bottle. Which do I recommend?... either one if ya in the mood for straight corn.