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    Top 5 Bourbons I've Had In The Last Year

    Quote Originally Posted by Yeti View Post
    Damn, Kevin. That's downright gratuitous. Cheers!
    Cheers. Honestly thought I'd never see another one of these. And I couldn't bring myself to open the remaining one I had but thanks to the coolest guy in the world I've got one open now.
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    Re: Top 5 Bourbons I've Had In The Last Year

    Ok, I"ll play along! Seems like a fun game:

    Willett 8 yr Wheated - Binny's fall 2012 bottling
    Willett 9 yr - Binny's fall 2012 bottling
    WT 8 yr
    VOB 6yr BiB (I realize this isn't the epic bottles listed elsewhere but it seriously opened my eyes to Barton and is now a staple of our bar)

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    Re: Top 5 Bourbons I've Had In The Last Year

    1 - PVW23
    2 - Balcones V Anniversary
    3 - Willett 8 (Spec's Selection 2012)
    4 - FRSB
    5 - OFBB 2012

    Some non-bourbon honorable mentions: Bernheim, HW Rendezvous

    Next year's wish list:
    WLW 2012 (already in cellar)
    GTS 2013
    FRLESB 2013
    FRLESmB 2013
    PHC BoM (batch 4 already in cellar)

    Non-bourbons in cellar: THH 2011, WP10

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    Re: Top 5 Bourbons I've Had In The Last Year

    Hmm, lots of great whiskey in the past year. Counting only those things I had for the first time in the past year and counting rye as well as bourbon I would say the following in no definitive order were my top 5 favorite whiskies (maybe not the "best" but the most interesting to me):

    Angel's Envy Cask Strength Port Finished Bourbon - Definitely would be in my top 5 best as well!
    Angel's Envy Rum Cask Rye
    Abraham Bowman Port Finished Bourbon - Nah, there's no theme here...
    Zuidam Millstone 100 rye from the Netherlands - OK, it is not even "Made in America" buit it was damned good!
    Jefferson Ocean - Not so much because it was great but because of the novelty and my interest in the experiment. Although it certainly wasn't bad. In fact I found it to be quite good. Just not equal to the price or notoriety/infamy it received.
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    Re: Top 5 Bourbons I've Had In The Last Year

    2013 has been a good year of drinking so far for the Humchan2k:

    1. SW Old Fitz Prime - '72
    2. Old Overholt from '53
    3. Old Forester BiB DSP 414 - Louisville
    4. Saz 18 '07
    5. Weller Centennial - Frankfort

    Not bad for dusties.
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    Re: Top 5 Bourbons I've Had In The Last Year

    My list is pretty plain jane..in no particular order

    Willett 5 year rye single barrel (not a bourbon I know but others had ryes..)
    Four Roses Lt Ed Small Batch 2011
    Larceny (the latest bottlings have this wonderful chocolate and cherries thing..)
    OGD 114
    A really nice bottle of Old Ezra 7/101

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    Re: Top 5 Bourbons I've Had In The Last Year

    1. Old Taylor BIB, 1972
    2. Old Fitz BIB, DSP 16, 1992
    3. Elijah Craig 12. Just the regular ol' current offering.
    4. Weller 12 (current)
    5. Old Grand Dad 1980's

    Kudos to the current versions of VWRye, Jefferson Rye (well, I mean the version before the switch to the Indiana stuff) and standard George Dickel 12.
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    Re: Top 5 Bourbons I've Had In The Last Year

    I'd have to say in no particular order:

    FR SmB '12
    FR SB '12
    Pappy 15
    PHC Blend
    WLW (Special thanks to Wainwright on this one)

    Looks like I'm a whore for the top shelf this last year.

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    Re: Top 5 Bourbons I've Had In The Last Year

    Great thread topic, here's mine:

    Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
    Willett 4yr Single Barrel Rye
    Willitt Family Estate 9yr, SB, 127 proof
    JPS 18yr, batch 11
    Eagle Rare 17yr 2012

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    Re: Top 5 Bourbons I've Had In The Last Year

    Having just hit my one year anniversary I had to think about this one so here it goes:
    1. VB17(by a mile)
    2. Ardbeg Uigidal(not bourbon but the start of this whole whiskey mess I'm in)
    3. Whistlepig rye(a sentimental favorite)
    4. BT(another sentimental)
    5. Larceny(first real wheater)



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