Does anyone have advice on the best online retailer for purchasing cigars. I bought a bunch through famous smoke a while back and they were mailed in a poorly sealed box and all of them were (to one extent or another) a little dried out. Most were still fine to smoke (but I could tell the difference) but at least a few were nearly ruined. I've noticed that the couple of times I've bought a cigar on a trip (and then not had the opportunity to smoke it) and then put it in a checked bag that it was pretty dried out by the time I got home. I'm assuming the temp/altitude does that so maybe that's the case with air shipping.

Anyway, I was curious if anyone here had any good pointers on buying cigars online. Based on my last experience I definitely wouldn't buy anything good through Famous Smoke again. If any of them take steps to humidify the packaging, I would be very interested in that.