It was a pleasure finding this site. There are very
few things in life more enjoyable to me than sipping
on a glass of fine bourbon at the end of the day. I
have a couple of questions. First, how old is the
standard Wild Turkey 101 now? In times past the
phrase "8 years old " was proudly displayed on
the label , but no more. Does this affect the quality
of the product? Also, how important is a cork in the
cap? I,ve always thought that a good litmus test for
bourbon fit to sip(as opposed to mixing it with coke
or ginger-ale) was a cork stopper cap instead of a
twist-off, but the 1.75 liter size of WT101 and the
750ml sizes of Makers Mark and Old Fitz.12yr all
lack a cork. Once again. I enjoy reading this forum and
thanks for answering my ?'s