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    This photo is from the Library of Congress...It was taken during prohibition. This was (in my opinion) a staged photo. Look at all of the men there. In suits and ties. Just two of em working. The rest just standing in the backgroud. The one's on the wagon show no faces just a set of hands and boots. The ditch on side is empty, no previous dump there. They are out in the middle of nowhere and a town is in the distant background. I wonder... none of the bottles are opened or busted, but there is pieces of the cases in the ditch. Did they carefully lay them all out like that, just to destroy them?.

    Seems to me that a quick pitch off the wagon would have destroyed a lot? Saved a lot of time too!

    This kind of stuff was going on all the time. I would love to find a diary of a government man of that era. One that told "the rest of the story"...

    Now I WONDER...how many of the bottles were really destroyed in this new stupid law of the land? Did they know the lives that were being destroyed?.

    The government just walked right in and destroyed everthing. My family was told that it is illegal to do what they have been doing for a 100 years?...They are out of a job?...Poof...It's all gone...

    Look at the registered distilleries before prohibition...then look at the numbers years afterward...It's a sad situation that this happened in our country.

    You don't hear "much" about what was "created" during Prohibition...Far worse happend "underground" (during prohibition) than all things combined in a lifetime of goings on in a legal distillery...

    The majority of you in the forum know what I am talking about. For those of you who don't...Well that's another book someone should write about...

    Bettye Jo
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