I'm going to a co-worker's house in a few weekends for a little bourbon-fest with his scotch group.

As the most avid bourbon guy in his friend-circle, I was tasked with providing some education, especially since the group likes to learn a bit about what they're drinking vs. just booze up.

One of the things I have planned is to take the 3 BT White Dogs and mimic something they did on the distillery tour, which is to pour it in your hands, rub it around to warm it up, sniff, etc. to get the dominant grains.

I was also going to group the different bourbons that people would bring according to similar mashbills, so that people could gain some sense of what role the wood and various aging can play, through tasting the starting White Dog and working through to various ages.

Does anyone have any other good suggestions on how to provide some "enlightenment" to a somewhat erudite crowd?