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OK now that I've read more carefully...Here's how I would do it. Just use one of the white dogs and then use 3-4 bourbons from that mashbill just to illustrate the differences. So maybe #1 with Benchmark, Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare and one of the CEHTs. They should all be around the same proof. They're Scotch drinkers so they're used to drinking whiskey at low proofs. Or #2 with Ancient Age, maybe AAA, Elmer T. Lee and Blanton's. Or Wheated and WSR, OWA and Weller 12 (or a VW). In my experience less is often more. The palate and brain can get overwhelmed.
Your audience will probably enjoy the CEHT SB BiB very much if they are scotch drinkers. Elmer T Lee would be the other one that I think your friends will enjoy