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    Sometimes the DE is passed off as 12 - maybe that's it?

    I only go for pleated stuff if it's on a skirt attached to a pretty lady.

    ¡Geaux Tigers! - ¡Visca el Barça!

    "Really though, my hands are sore. The tool was doing it's thing with a flex hose." -Barrel_Proof

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    Re: First bottle of scotch?

    Oh. Wow. Yeah. 10. Not 12. Sorry. That's what I get for posting while drinking.

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    Re: First bottle of scotch?

    Quote Originally Posted by Yeti View Post
    Caol Ila is my favorite for "heavily peated, extra aged independent bottles at a great value". I wonder how much longer that may last.
    I second this. The older bottling I've had was amazing and relatively cheap.



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