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    Research Project

    I was searching for some information about when Evan Williams changed proof and dropped its age statement. This information is available on SB.com but it's not particularly easy to locate.

    I like Wikipedia, it's a good quick reference. Pretty much without exception, its entries on bourbon distilleries and brands suck. I propose that some of us here spruce those articles up with good information about the history of the distilleries and long-standing brands.

    I'm going to start with the article on Wild Turkey. Anyone want to start on any others?

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    Re: Research Project

    Good idea Jim, I went digging around the other day to find when Grand Dad first came out with the 114 proof and it took some effort to come up with mid 1970s, which I won't claim as entirely accurate, just ran out of energy.
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    Re: Research Project

    I look forward to some greatly improved articles - I've stopped going to Wikipedia for whiskey information.

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    Re: Research Project

    I created an article for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whiskirexia_nervosa but they deleted it as a fraud Even linked it to Chuck's post with the definition as the source.
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