Evan Williams 1783 and Evan Williams Bottled In Bond (White Label) have been spotted and purchased in my home state of Minnesota. I have had the 1783 from a Kentucky purchase and loved it, so I was very excited to see it. I am now giving the EWW BIB a sip and really enjoy it. Heaven Hill is really impressing me with offering reasonably priced products to an expanded market. In an era where there seems to be 40-80 dollar bottles all over the place, it is a joy to pay 1/2 to 1/4 of that and still be very impressed. I am now officially spoiled. Heaven Hill offers an 8 year old 86 proofer in Minnesota that I can get for 17.99 a handle that is a really nice pour. After asking about it on this site, I found out it is only available in Minnesota and Rhode Island. Needless to say, my home is going to have plenty of HH products on hand in the foreseeable future.