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... And I just had another encounter this weekend, Templeton drinkers cannot be convinced in any way, shape or form that it is made in any other place than Iowa.
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I have experienced the same reaction from Templeton followers; it's almost cult like.
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I know a college professor in Iowa who is a big Templeton fan and when I gave him the correct internet references he refused to look them up. Some beliefs are beyond challenge.
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I am batting .500 on the Templeton source conversion if you will. One was upset at being lied to the other would not listen no matter how much information I threw at them. Squire reminded me of Cool Hand Luke. Ole Boss Keen said, “There's some men you just can't reach.” Oh well. I tried.
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Thank goodness, I'm relieved to know it's not just me dealing with the Cult of Templeton followers. I engaged one in discussion for a while, as he asserted that someone should sue them if they are lying. I pointed him to a thread about NDPs here, and one from Chuck's blog, but he still wasn't entirely convinced. I think we left it at me telling him that since he was in Iowa, he should just go to the distillery and start asking questions.
I think in the future we may have to just focus on getting them to drink Kool-Aid instead .