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    Re: It seems to me that...

    Quote Originally Posted by T Comp View Post
    ... And I just had another encounter this weekend, Templeton drinkers cannot be convinced in any way, shape or form that it is made in any other place than Iowa.
    Quote Originally Posted by wadewood View Post
    I have experienced the same reaction from Templeton followers; it's almost cult like.
    Quote Originally Posted by squire View Post
    I know a college professor in Iowa who is a big Templeton fan and when I gave him the correct internet references he refused to look them up. Some beliefs are beyond challenge.
    Quote Originally Posted by whiskeyagonzo View Post
    I am batting .500 on the Templeton source conversion if you will. One was upset at being lied to the other would not listen no matter how much information I threw at them. Squire reminded me of Cool Hand Luke. Ole Boss Keen said, “There's some men you just can't reach.” Oh well. I tried.
    Quote Originally Posted by rcb4d View Post
    Thank goodness, I'm relieved to know it's not just me dealing with the Cult of Templeton followers. I engaged one in discussion for a while, as he asserted that someone should sue them if they are lying. I pointed him to a thread about NDPs here, and one from Chuck's blog, but he still wasn't entirely convinced. I think we left it at me telling him that since he was in Iowa, he should just go to the distillery and start asking questions.
    I think in the future we may have to just focus on getting them to drink Kool-Aid instead .


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    Re: It seems to me that...

    Yes, one cannot contend against an article of faith.
    We're Bourbon Geeks, it's who we are, it's what we do.

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    Re: It seems to me that...

    "Sip it and say there is no solace for the soul, no tonic for the body like old Bourbon whiskey"-Joshua Soule Smith

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    Re: It seems to me that...

    It seems to me that there are two very different ways to define "honest" in the bourbon industry. On the one hand, there are very specific rules governing what "Straight Bourbon" means. On the other hand, there is a ton of crap in the marketing side of the business about that little ole distilerry down in the holler. For example, is anyone believing the back story for WT's new Forgiven whiskey? And how many gentlemen actually were the fathers of bourbon?
    In the end, if it says Straight Bourbon or Bottled in Bond on the label, you have a pretty good indication that it meets certain minimum standards. At the retail level, however, I recently purchased a liter of WT101 at a Costco in Iowa. The shelf tag said it was 8YO. I knew that could not be true so I read the label. NAS. Even though I knew it was BS, I bought it anyway because the price was right even for NAS.
    If God made anything better than bourbon he must have kept it for Hisself.



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