Stayed away from it totally while the kids were growing up, and just drank a couple of glasses of wine every other year or so. Always planned to stock up when the kids left.

Well --- the kids have left.

So I'm stocking up.

I know very little about bourbon and started with Wild Turkey 81 (I thought I'd go with the milder WT before moving up). I actually thought WT 81 wasn't bad and I have since moved up to WT 101 and WT RB. All good stuff and I will never be going back to WT 81.

Other bourbons I have tried and are now part of my collection include:

- Makers Mark (smooth, easy to drink, smells great in the glass and has a nice caramel taste to it).
- Jim Beam Black (inexpensive premium bourbon. Little more complex than the Makers Mark).
- Woodford Reserve (a bit expensive for what I got out of it. Not sure I liked it better than JB Black).
- Bulleit Frontier Whiskey (pretty rough around the edges. I like it).

Basically I discovered I definitely enjoy bourbon and am looking forward to trying out a bunch of them. I think next I'll get some Knob Creek or Jefferson. This website has been very helpful in learning about some of the more obscure bourbons and I am looking forward to your reviews on them.

I have also tried a little Tennessee whiskey:

- Jack Daniels Old no. 7 (liked it better than I thought it would).
- Gentleman Jack (very smooth. I think I will always keep some of this on hand).

Thought what the heck, I'd give Scotch whisky and Irish whiskey a go and I have tried:

- Jameson Irish whiskey
- Johnnie Walker Black Scotch
- Macallan 12

Decent enough, but I do like bourbon (and Tennessee whiskey) better than the European stuff (so far).

My eldest son also drinks whiskey and he is more a fan of Scotch than bourbon, probably because the Scotch is a bit more mellow.

Anyway, glad to be aboard and plan to learn a lot from everyone on here.