If you hadn't seen it yet, I wanted to give everyone a heads up that Twins is doing their dollar sale again this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I'm not sure exactly what "dollar sale" actually means (they say they slash the price to the lowest price possible and then add a dollar) but the last time I was there for one, there were varying discounts on all items with stuff that was normally ~$100 cut to $70 or $80 (depending on the item).

I know I'm going to pick up a bottle of Old Pulteney 21, but I'm debating picking up the last bottle of WT Tradition that I think they have. (I decided to pass at retail based on reviews but if its less than $80 I'll probably spring for it.) I might also get a bottle of Hancock's Pres. I've never had it through all these years and have heard its mildly overpriced so I might give it a go at a discount.

Any thoughts on these? Any thoughts on bottles you'd spring for if sold at $10 off?