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    Re: Homemade Mint Julep Recipe

    Simple syrup is the key to good southern Sweet Tea. You just can't get the flavor from table sugar, artificial sweetner, honey etc. If Sweet Tea is any indicator, I'd go with simple syrup.

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    Re: Homemade Mint Julep Recipe

    To elaborate on something I alluded to in my other post on this topic, most people don't understand the mint julep. It is not a cocktail. It is more on the order of a shot or shooter. It is not to be savored. A proper mint julep should be made quickly, served immediately and consumed promptly. It doesn't have to be drunk in a single draught, but something pretty close to that is recommended. The julep is at its peak the moment it is completed and every moment that passes thereafter diminishes its quality. Mint juleps are ideal for toasts, if the logistics of making and serving them simultaneously can be mastered. It is very appropriate, perhaps even preferred, to enjoy a celebratory julep and then switch to something more sippable, such as whiskey neat or a more conventional whiskey cocktail.

    Lots of people have had bad julep experiences and deride the drink. They have had them prepared inexpertly or they drink them incorrectly and come away with the opinion that it's a bad drink. Taken appropriately in a suitable context, the julep can be delightful. Its sensuality can be nearly overpowering.

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    Re: Homemade Mint Julep Recipe

    Thanks, I think I will try one when it warms up. I will plan on speed.....



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