Hello All,

I got introduced to bourbon at a whiskey house in town I went to with a friend had a bit of an auction for bottles and what have you. I went home with a bottle of Makers 46. It's hard to compare it with others but I found it to be very spicy! Didn't really taste smooth (not like I have much reference)

So I've been buying from this whiskey house but besides Buffalo Trace, which I enjoyed a bit but not as much as the Makers 46.

Problem is, I'm in a small town, and our liquor store basically only has basics. They offer to order a case of whatever in, but it's hard for me to say what I want when there's no bottles to try first.

One friend recommended Jim Beam Devil's Cut. Says it's his favourite bourbon. Has anyone tried this and can say how it compares to the Makers 46?

Also, if you have any recommendations you feel would be great, feel free to throw them out. Like I said it's hard when the only way you can try something is by having your liquor supplier order it in for you, so any help would be great!

Thanks in advance for the help and advice.