The latest moonshine he is drinking comes from the backyard of a friend of a friend.

Other than this he is quite a normal individual (except for the fact that he married my sister . Come to think of it, he may be insane). Since I do not want him to go blind, I would like to introduce him to Bourbon. I mentioned it to him over the weekend and he seems very receptive.

Being a Bourbon noob myself, I'm not exactly sure what to start him out on to wean him off of the 'shine. He said what he is currently drinking is about 100 proof.

Since he recently became a granddad for the first time, I was thinking of getting him some Old Grand-Dad 114. I plan on picking some up for myself this week as I have never tried it. But it comes highly recommended on here and the 114 proof should pack enough punch to keep him wanting more. If not that, I was thinking of getting him some Wild Turkey 101. It's easy to find if he wants more, about the same proof he's drinking now, inexpensive, extremely tasty, and he won't go blind drinking it.

As a backup plan I'll probably have some Gentleman Jack on hand if the higher proof Bourbon is a little much for him and he needs something smooth and simple. Regardless, he's gotta get off that moonshine, dang it, so I'm definitely going to work on him to transfer over to the good stuff.

Any thoughts on a good entry Bourbon for a lost soul drinking moonshine would be greatly appreciated.