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    Re: Powers Signature Release

    Quote Originally Posted by MyOldKyDram View Post
    Passed on this today. Was between it and Tullamore Phoenix. Couldn't decide and my cell reception in TPS always sucks for some reason, so no research to be done, there they stayed.
    It would have been a worthy addition to your collection,it is not the heavy hitter that the PJL's is but a great whisky at a more than fair price.I know your feelings on the PJL and mine for that matter you should pick one up and do a SBS sometime in the near future, for $32 you won't be disappointed.
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    Re: Powers Signature Release

    I got a bottle of this tonight and it's liquid heaven. I'm an old fan of Powers Gold Label (although I haven't yet had any of the new stuff, now that it's been repositioned and the strength increased) and the Signature Release intrigued me. There's a .... I don't know how to describe it. There's something about Springbank that just hits the spot on a chilly, misty/foggy day, and Signature Release has that. It's really a sensory thing that defies description.

    This was about $40 at Binny's, and well worth it I think.



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