Hello, I'm new to SB.com and enjoying Bourbon. I'm not even sure how I got here...here being liking the taste of Bourbon neat or with a cube of ice. I guess it started in the Spring of 2012. I have been primarily a beer drinker enjoying predominantly Weissbeer and avoiding any beer with hop bitterness but when at events for work I hated the cheap beer selections so I started drinking whatever the bourbon selection was with Coke or Pepsi b/c somehow cheap Bourbon and Coke is better than cheap beer.

So back to the Spring of 2012, our conference was in New Orleans and since my wife hadn't been in awhile we stayed a couple extra days after the conference ended. The restaurant in our hotel was called The Bourbon House and it was there that I had my first Bourbon with nothing added other than a cube of ice. I asked the bar keep for a great tasting bourbon that wouldn't bust the wallet and he suggested Buffalo Trace, that's when I realized I could really like Bourbon.

Here's what I've had and my thoughts on them but don't expect polished explanations, I'm not that experienced:

Makers Mark - decent, widely available in bars and that's probably the only place I'd drink it
Wild Turkey (81 I'm guessing) - easy to find in a bar, great if you want a mixed drink
Bulleit (guessing The Legend) - blech, way too harsh for my taste
Blantons - Like it with a cube of ice
Buffalo Trace - I like it with a cube of ice and it's in the cabinet at the house
Angel's Envy - My favorite so far (yes, with a cube of ice) and is also in the cabinet at the house

These observations are all based on casual drinking of Bourbon at various occasions which gives me a great excuse to start paying attention to what it is I like about the ones I like without mixing and define what I don't like about some of the others. I'm willing to bet as I understand more my opinions will change...except maybe the Bulleit. I also plan on getting some whiskey stones to see how I like the flavor of the Bourbon when it isn't weakened by the melting ice.

I have to also say my wife had a surprise for me when I got home today. She knew that I'd been trying to find some Glencairn glasses and knew that I'd ordered some that have yet to show up. She saw what she thought was the Glencairn glass and brought a set of 4 home today! I don't know that having those glasses is that big of a deal but it gave me a reason to pour up some Angel's Envy!

As you might have guessed by my screen name, I love riding motorcycles and I've owned quite a few from cruisers to sport bikes. I currently have a 2013 Triumph Speed Triple that is more fun than should be legal. I'm looking forward to understanding more about Bourbon and maybe meeting some folks in the area that also have an interest and interacting with y'all here!