Hello from the land of the burning river, Cleveland, Ohio. A good friend suggested I become a member of the website. I have found it to be an essential resource in navigating through what I believe is the world's most fascinating spirit.
My first introduction with “SMALL BATCH” was in 1992 with an all wood boxed(no clear front) bottle of Booker's. What amazed me was after an evening of enjoyment, contrary to popular misconception, no next day hangover.
After several trips to the same spirits emporium in Richmond Indiana, the owner suggested a bottle of P.V.W.20. Well.. fast forward to 2003, I decided to share the bottle with a few good friends.
I had no idea what I had at the time. However I knew I had to find MORE. So as time progressed, over the years I was able to find various P.V.W. offerings. Vacations doubled as bourbon recon missions.
I now know how lucky I was to find wheated bourbon early in my journey. I hope to broaden my palate with its rye brethren.

Personally speaking, I am excited to be part of a community which encourages and highlights the not so publicized buried treasures!