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    Rosebank Resurrection

    It appears that Arran is attempting to bring Rosebank back:



    Arran Brewery today secured a £500,000 grant from Historic Scotland to help bring the Rosebank distillery in Falkirk back into operation.

    The company wants to open a brewery, micro-distillery and visitors centre on the site.

    Rosebank, which opened in 1813, is often called one of Scotland’s great “silent” distilleries following its closure in 1993.

    Gerald Michaluk, managing director at the Arran Brewery, said “This has been a long struggle to get support for this site from the Scottish Government.

    “While we want to maintain the historic character of the site and open it to the public, at the same time we need to secure its on-going economic success by running a profitable business there.

    “These two elements are proving difficulty to reconcile.”
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