A couple things to add to what I said above: According to the information I have been able to gather (reflected in the whiskey tree), VOB and 1792 are different mashbills. It's likely that 1792 is from a high-malt mashbill, something unique among macrodistillers. It's been speculated that Kentucky Tavern is also the same mashbill. That said, there is still something very Barton about it, probably yeast or warehouse related.

Second, I have also noticed quite a bit of batch to batch variation myself. First bottle I got was bloody awful. Poured it out. Next time I tasted it, I really enjoyed it. VOB has become much more consistent since Sazerac took over, maybe that will happen with 1792 also.

Second and a half, I think 1792 is a "starter" bourbon. I've enjoyed it the most when it was my first whiskey of the day. If I have it after something high-proof or spicy (Four Roses Single Barrel for example) it comes up really, really bland.