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This is the fair test. You must be a pretty good friend to share such a highly regarded pour with others. Just think, they thought it was the best bourbon that they ever tried. Whether others agree or not is irrelevant. It is what they thought. I enjoy sharing good experiences with others. You, my friend, are a true bourbonite! Happy pours!
I too find the sharing and amazement of others to be a big part of what I enjoy about this hobby. I admit I won't pass out shots of PVW to novices and my friends who prefer beer over whiskey. We did blind tasting with W12 and VWFR Lot B and only half of us had good enough pallets to think they were discernible and guess which was which correctly. Opening a slightly easier to find FRSBLE 10, 11, or 12 and sharing with real enthusiasts is just as fun as PVW and much less expensive.

its not just the rarity that I and a select few really enjoy. Everyday pours like ETL or any number of others are shared and enjoyed when we gather.