I'm just starting to get into the single barrel expressions by the folks like AD Rattray, Duncan Taylor, etc... and am really enjoying it. It's not that I don't like the "regular" expressions, there is just something fun about a one-of single cask release, especially at cask strength. I just had a few bottles of various ADR's delivered including a 23 year Bunnahabhain I can't wait to try.

For myself I'm sipping on some Johnny Walker Green again tonight. Really enjoying this vatted malt and am very sad they discontinued it. I know it's still available but at this point if I purchased any more bottles of anything whiskey like my wife would kill me...

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Tasted the following whisky with a couple of friends today

Clynelish A.D. Rattray single cask, 16 years old, 116.2 proof - K&L cask 8781
Glendronach, 1993 19yo Single Cask Oloroso Sherry Butt, 109.4 proof - K&L cask 490
Glenfarclas 1979 "The Family Casks" fourth fill sherry cask, 83.4 proof - K&L cask 8072
Mortlach Cheiftain’s 22 year old Single Malt, Sherry Butt, 116.2 proof - K&L cask 5160
Compass Box Delilah, 80 proof

K&L whisky.jpeg
Clynelish was a good starter and while a bit lighter with a very creamy in texture and lovely vanilla and fruit taste in a nice balance. Very pleasant and improved with a drop or two of water.

The Glendronach and Mortlach were similar sherry finished whisky with great mouthfeel and finish, a bit of an almost herbal component, long finish and a bit more spice from the Mortlach. Both improved with a touch of water but were easily drinkable at cask strength. Both were excellent.

The Glenfarclas was another complete change of pace with a rich oily mouthfeel and very little sherry component but lots of wood/leather and yet not overly so. Finish went on for a long time and was perfect without water for me. I didn't find water really added anything in this one.

The Delilah was a bit of an afterthought and was tasted last. By that time it seemed downright bland.