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Finished up leftover A'bunadh from yesterday. I get a pinch of the sulphur as this oxidizes but it doesn't really detract from the overall presentation. I've noticed with ample time the sherry begins to blend with this delicious caramel note that is more reminiscent of a wheated bourbon.

Since it's semi on-topic, I wanted to talk Mortlach. I've read a few tidbits much earlier in this thread regarding the official bottling of the 16 year. It's at least $120 delivered to the US for this one bottle, so definitely an investment. Should I just stick to the independent Mortlach's that are available in Chicago (and often under $100) or give my palate a good perspective with this official release?
I can't speak highly enough about the Binnys 21 year Mortlach, if its still around.