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I find the Booker's much richer and more satisfying on the palate and with a better nose and finish. Barrel location must have something to do with it because the Booker's seems more mature even if 2 years younger than KC. (Not that I object to either KC or KC SB.) Booker's costs $10 more in OH than KY so I bought 2 bottles on a recent visit to Liquor Barn. I find it too intense for an everyday pour but am always pleased to have an occasional pour. I take it neat and then with just a drop of water. And I mean a "drop." I dip my finger in spring water and then tap it on the edge of the Glencair. It only takes that drop to open up the bourbon for even more layers of enjoyment.

I keep plenty of KCSB on hand, since the half price deal I found....but I never have Booker's here, I just treat myself to it at nice restaurants. But, I was pretty good this year and asked the fat guy for a bottle of it for christmas. We'll see if he agrees.

Ive never done a side by side with the two, but memory tells me the KCSB has a thicker, deeper, more woody profile than the Bookers