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The B&H are really strong. Don't use them much. Angostura is nice. Regan is good for a soft touch or going half and half with Angostura. Haven't made up my mind about the Fee Brothers. The Woodford cherry bitters have a soft touch like the Regan orange bitters, but with a little more taste.

Thanks very much for the bitters descriptions. I'll have to give the Regan and Woodford varieties a try in some upcoming Manhattans. And I agree, the barrel aged Fee Brothers can be tough going, but if you have a chance to try their orange variety, I don't think you'll be disappointed. And they also combine nicely with a dash of something stronger, like Angostura.

The local stores finally got some DSP-1 Rittenhouse in stock, so maybe I'll have a Manhattan-off with the baby Saz and the new Rittenhouse and see what's what.