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If it remains below the $30 price point it is a pretty good deal. Not sure how long that will be the case though. It appeared a bunch landed in Atlanta in the last few months but it is getting harder to find again as I recall.
Agreed. It's a great pour for the price range. I've yet to see a slump in stock here and prices are consistently under $30. Still, I'm getting Dickel Rye around here for $22ish right now and, as long as that's the case, I won't be stocking up on any more baby saz. It's not that they're similar in flavor profile at all, just that the price point on GDR is too hard to ignore and I'm not as inclined to need variety in my rye stock compared to my bourbons. Plus I find GDR more versatile with it's punchier rye notes. Makes for great sipping and mixes extremely well.