Hey guys,

Last time I went down to one of the better liquor stores in the next town over, I noticed they had a few bottles of the old Henry McKenna BIB (with the awesome kindergartener labels) and some bottles of the new stuff, same price. I have always loved the retro-fugliness of the bottle, but honestly, some samples I've tasted have not been so hot (well actually they have been extremely hot, and that's the problem).

Anyone tasted the newer bottlings? I have noticed some stuff from Heaven Hill being extremely good lately (I live in a university town so everything gets depleted and replaced about every week - we had DSP 1 Ritt months ago), particularly the Old Fitz 12 and EWBIB, both of which have not really hit the spot before. Is there any reason to think the new Henry McK BIB should be any better?

I'll probably just buy the old one for the bottle anyway, but if the juice is better now it might help me spare a few $$$